Carbon Utilization.
Best Efficiency.

HYCO1's CUBETM Technology is set to take the CCUS space by storm. No one is as effecient, as profitable, as ready.

True carbon efficiency

Our HYCO1 CUBE™ Technology (Carbon Utilization. Best Efficiency.) cost-effectively utilizes carbon dioxide and various methane source feedstocks to create low-cost, low-carbon chemical grade syngas in a single pass. The resultant syngas is then used to produce low carbon intensity (CI) downstream products
HYCO1 CUBETM Technology

A single breakthrough technology, endless possibilities

What's unique about HYCO1's breakthrough catalyst and process technology?

HYCO1 CO2 Conversion Technology™ is the body of intellectual property that enables the efficient conversion of CO2 and CH4 into high purity streams of two building block industrial gases: Hydrogen (H2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO). The things that make this technology such a breakthrough are:
1. Non-coking
We've solved the coking issues that have existed in dry methane reforming for decades.
2. Effective process
The super-effective process converts over 95% of the CO2 per single reactor pass.
3. Drop-in design
The catalyst drops into well-known, conventional hydrogen plant designs.
4. No noble metals
The catalyst is made from lower-cost, base metals not from expensive noble metals.
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