The syngas revolution

A revolutionary way to produce syngas at previously un-attainable levels of efficiency. Not to mention, it's at the lowest CI score ever seen.

CO and H2 made effortlessly from CO2 emissions

Powered by HYCO1's CUBETM Technology, we make syngas more efficiently than anyone on the planet and are a perfect solution for a customer who is long on CO2 and short CO in their industrial processes.

Our patent-pending technology allows for many ratio configurations with on the fly adjustments of CO and H2 output to match your needs, all in one reactor.

Any project, any need

Green Carbon Syngas for New Projects: 
If your project or process requires carbon monoxide (CO)  or hydrogen (H2), look no further. GC Syngas is the world-leading and lowest-cost provider of carbon utilization solutions to create syngas (CO or H2).

Green Carbon Syngas for Existing Projects:
If your existing project or process is already using an existing SMR to make H2, know you too can benefit from HYCO1 CUBETM Technology. By utlizing our breakthrough catalyst, your process can reach levels of efficiency never before seen. Also, if your existing project or process has a CO2 waste stream, let’s talk! We may be able to find an easy solution to help reduce/eliminate your emissions and help convert them to usable products.
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