Carbon Negative.
Planet Positive.

We turn CO2 waste into high-value products.

HYCO1 is the only carbontech company that cost-effectively captures industrial CO2 emissions from the source and turns it into high-value, sustainable products. Our breakthrough catalyst & process gives emitters a way to turn their environmentally harmful CO2 waste from a costly burden into a profitable green opportunity.

One Fundamental Problem

Consumers consume. So, companies have to run… but why does the environment have to suffer?

One Fundamental Problem
Advancing the Stewardship of a Climate Beneficial Economy

Advancing the Stewardship of a Climate Beneficial Economy

It’s undeniable that corporations and commerce aren’t going anywhere. That’s why the only way to effectively combat climate change is to make carbon capture a fiscally beneficial choice for companies.

Without HYCO1

Companies spend their own money to capture, compress, and sequester carbon underground.

Old school. Expensive. Planet negative.

With HYCO1

HYCO1 delivers a turnkey solution, project funding included, to convert waste into CO2 valuable products.

Breakthrough tech. No money down. Planet positive.
The Smart Choice for ESG Investors

The Smart Choice for ESG Investors

We have capital-ready projects waiting for the right ESG investors.

Every HYCO1 turnkey solution not only pays for itself but also offers ESG investors oversized returns. We pair ESG investors with industry sectors they are familiar with and want to impact with their dollars. In turn, they fund multiple similar HYCO1 projects within the same industry sector, which not only helps capture and utilize millions of tons of currently wasted CO2 but also reshapes the industry by decarbonizing it one plant at a time.

Saving companies from the looming carbon tax

Saving companies from the looming carbon tax

Right now, CO2 is not an asset for any point-source emitter… it’s a liability. A liability that will get much larger when the carbon tax inevitably hits. HYCO1 is the only company that partners with plants to decarbonize and save them from the carbon tax without any upfront cost.

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Our leadership

We are carbontech thought leaders with planet-positive DNA. Through decades of hands-on company building experience, we have created multiple successful catalysts and have deployed substantial project development capital. All of which has led to multiple liquidity events.

That is the experience we’ve poured into HYCO1 and why we believe this technology has what it takes to make a real difference.

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