CO2 Solved.

We transformed CO2 from being a climate gas waste problem to a primary low-cost feedstock for high-value products

We transform CO2 waste into high-value products.

We are the only carbon utilization company that cost-effectively captures industrial CO2 emissions from the source and turns it into high-value, sustainable products without the need for government incentives. Using our disruptive CO2 conversion catalyst and related low-cost CO2 process technology (HYCO1 CUBETM Technology), we provide a new way for emitters to turn their environmentally harmful CO2 waste from a costly burden into a profitable green opportunity.
Carbon Utilization. Best Efficiency.

HYCO1 CUBETM Technology

Our HYCO1 CUBE™ Technology (Carbon Utilization. Best Efficiency.) cost-effectively utilizes carbon dioxide and various methane source feedstocks to create low-cost, low-carbon chemical grade syngas in a single pass. The resultant syngas is then used to produce low carbon intensity (CI) downstream products.

We convert 100% of CO2 emissions from industrial point-source emitters, direct air capture, & CO2 pipelines

Our CO2 conversion plants are located adjacent to or near the industrial CO2 source. They can be sized from 100 to 5,000 tons per day based on the amount of CO2 being emitted. Our plants scale to any size of CO2 feedgas.

Once the HYCO1 conversion plant is built, the industrial host diverts 100% of the CO2 to HYCO1’s plant where it is processed into building block chemical gases (hydrogen and carbon monoxide). These building block gases are then converted into low CI score, high-value chemicals which utilize the carbon turning it into high-value products that the world needs and uses.
Zero CO2 emissions at the industial site
Creates low carbon intensity (CI) products.
Fully sequesters carbon into high-demand synthetic molecules
No out-of-pocket expense for industrial customers.
Industrial customers have no carbon tax liability.

    No one is more efficient

    No one utilizes the carbon in CO2 more efficiently than our HYCO1 CUBETM Technology which creates significant efficiency savings for all of our end products.
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      Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


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      Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer


      Kurt Dieker

      Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer

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