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We don't want to capture CO2 and then store it underground, leaving problems for the future. We leverage carbon emissions to create highly valuable, low CI products.

Using a breakthrough catalyst, we turn CO2 waste into high-value products

The catalyst is non-coking, converts 95+% of CO2 per pass, and has a lowered energy of activation.

Hydrogen and carbon monoxide are the building block gases that are needed for many downstream, high-value products including:
  • Base lubricating oils (group IV alternatives)
  • High-melt paraffin waxes
  • Specialty products methanol, ammonia, & acetic acid
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)
  • Renewable Diesel (RD) fuel
HYCO1 CUBETM Technology

A single breakthrough technology, endless possibilities

A simple formula using the HYCO1 Catalyst yields amazing results

CO2 + CH42H2 + 2CO

Low cost conversion of CO2 from emissions

100% CO2 conversion process

Non-coking catalyst

Lowered energy of activation

Standard PSA & membrane seperations to produce:
>99.99% purity H2
>99% purity CO

True reforming versus ineffecient reduction of CO2

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