Redefining carbon negative

Partnering with HYCO1 is as profitable as it is sustainable. In a carbon utilization economy, everyone wins.

Our team understands what it takes to build a successful, sustainable business because we've done it before. Many times.

At HYCO1, we’ve combined proprietary technology with bankable turnkey customer solutions that drive a potent business model for your business. We understand high CO2 emitting companies are looking for solutions to decarbonize. HYCO1, accompanied by the right institutional investor, can help.

Compressing and storing carbon underground is not a sustainable solution. Converting CO2 into the right usable products represents a sustainable and scalable investment opportunity.

Don't just take our word for it

"Although most ethanol producers are considering or pursuing underground carbon sequestration in our industry to decarbonize, we believe that carbon utilization, which supports a circular carbon economy, represents the best use of our CO2, and positions us more competitively in the market. Value added products made from CO2 that displace fossil derived products represents a win for us at Kansas Ethanol, a win for the U.S. Ethanol Sector, and a win for the global environment.

We are looking forward to the construction of the HYCO1-based Green Carbon Synthetics Kansas, LLC facility next to ours. The co-location benefits: carbon dioxide utilization, natural gas offset through waste heat steam production, and additional electricity offsets will position our facility as a world leader of low-carbon ethanol resulting in significant shared savings."

Mike Chisam
President & CEO
Kansas Ethanol

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Realistic carbon solutions

HYCO1 is the most cost-effective & efficient carbontech of its kind. We’ve combined a highly efficient and low-cost CO2 conversion process with the ability to create and sell a range of high-value, low CI score products that result in a sustainable and scalable business model.

We hope this message compels you and your company to consider HYCO1 in the development of your own projects, or the retrofit of your current facilities. We are always looking for project partners and strategic investors.
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