Fully synthetic - by all standards

The future of synthetic base oils, jet fuel and solvents made with captured CO2 emissions.

Green, clean synthetic hydrocarbon products

Powered by HYCO1's CUBETM Technology, we make green, clean and safe chemical products using captured and recycled CO2 as the feedstock.

Our process, your output

Synthetic base oils
Premier-grade synthetic base oils offering superior lubrication and heat transfer performance in high stress, high temperature applications. HYCO1's base oils are non-toxic and biodegradable.
SAF & low carbon aviation fuel
Decarbonized Jet Fuel blend stocks for meeting today's ASTM D7566 standards. HYCO1's Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and Low Carbon Aviation Fuel (LCAF) are produced from synthetic hydrocarbons made with low CI-score biogenic CO2.
IsoKane™ Solvents
Synthetic IsoKane™ Solvents are ultra-pure, non-toxic, and biodegradable mixes of light Isoparaffin solvents for a wide variety of uses, including cleaners, paints, coatings and adhesives. Like HYCO1's Base Oils and Jet Fuels, the IsoKane™ solvents are fully synthesized using biogenic carbon sources.
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      The first, fully American synthetic base oil

      Fully-synthesized Group IV Alternative (G4A) designer base oil
      Delivers ultra high-performance, dependable consistency & long-term stability
      Contaminant free, high-purity base oil
      IsoKaneTM base oils are water-clear and free of aromatics, sulfur, olefins & oxygenates
      Positive environmental impact
      With a small GHG footprint, rapidly biodegradable, non-toxic
      Health-friendly IsoKane™ base oils are odor-free, non-toxic and allowed for use in a wide range of 21 CFR food & agriculture contact applications
      Superior lubricant properties
      For exceptional application performance
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