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HYCO1 Manifesto: What We Believe

HYCO1 Manifesto: What We Believe

We only have one planet. And it is in peril.
The dangerous amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is creating climate change that must be

Business as usual is no longer acceptable.

We must reduce carbon emissions now in order to reverse harmful climate change.
Sequestering CO2 underground may be one answer, but it’s not the answer. Underground sequestration
is expensive, hard to scale, requires long-term monitoring, and doesn't contribute to a circular carbon
economy; it’s a landfill business model that requires substantial government subsidies and simply isn't

HYCO1 offers a better way to reduce, reuse and recycle carbon as part of many existing industrial
processes. Because HYCO1 reuses waste carbon to make high value products (instead of compressing
and injecting it underground) our projects payback the upfront capital investment in half the time that
underground sequestration projects do. And, although we plan to utilize available government
subsidies, we are not dependent on them like underground CO 2 storage projects.
With a more durable and sustainable business model, we provide solutions that do not require any out-
of-pocket costs by the industrial host. The host lowers the CI score of their products without any up-
front investment. With the help of ESG investors, we do the heavy lifting of project design,
development, financing and construction.

We bring immediate, actionable CO2 conversion & utilization solutions to industrial companies that emit
large quantities of CO2.

Using our breakthrough catalyst and proprietary process technology, our solutions can convert millions
of tons of CO2 per year per industrial plant into building block chemical gases that can then be reused in
the originating industrial process or used to produce a wide range of low CI score products that the
world needs and uses.

We make the move to decarbonization profitable and strategic for manufacturers and sustainable for

If we act now, together, we can pioneer a new era for planet positive solutions through carbon negative
innovation. By decarbonizing one industrial plant at a time, we can reduce, reuse, and recycle carbon
emissions in a way that reverses the effects of climate change.

Join us in the fight to save our planet.

HYCO1: Carbon Negative. Planet Positive.

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